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Play Pie and A Pint - Glasgow

By Ian Pattison | Directed By Clare Prenton 

cast: Billy Mack, Sarah Miele and Eva Traynor

October 2019 

Born in Glasgow in 1927, RD Laing was the most famous psychiatrist of his time.

Laing’s work redefined the relationship between patient and doctor. His book ‘The Divided Self’ enhanced his reputation and brought him celebrity status. Laing believed the family to be a potentially destructive force on the individual. He once said ‘We are effectively destroying ourselves with violence masquerading as love.’ ‘Divided’ focuses on a pivotal moment in Laing’s own, often troubled, family life. A serious and humorous piece written by Ian Pattison - the award winning writer of the acclaimed Rab C Nesbit TV series. 

'In Clare Prenton’s beautifully-shaped production, Eva Traynor and Sarah Miele are heartbreakingly believable as Karen and Susie. It’s Billy Mack’s stellar performance as Laing that makes this play shine, though'

**** - 4 STARS, Joyce Macmillan, The Scotsman

'Sad and beautiful...director Clare Prenton brings a slow burning tension to Divided'

**** - 4 STARS, Lorna Irvine, The List

'Clare Prenton’s direction wisely opts for nuances rather than histrionics: her cast make us well aware of the complex hurts, defence mechanisms and vulnerabilities barely contained under their characters’ skins...'

**** - 4 STARS, Mary Brennan, The Herald

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