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Billy Mack as RD Laing
Oliver Alvin Wilson
Defect - Arts Educational Schools
1,2 Caliban
Prospero's magic
Hard Times -  Pitlochry
Banquo's ghost - Morgan Philpott
Emilia, Desdemona
Improbable Fiction - 2015
Trinculo and Carlo
Stephen Beckett
Ceri Lyn Cissone as Hecate
Rosie Hilal as Lady Macbeth, 2018
Macbeth 2018
Act 5 ladies
a 1930s Tempest
Stephen Beckett and Grace Carter
Othello - final scene
Emilia, Desdemona and Othello
Improbable Fiction
Ariel and Prospero
Miranda and Ferdinand
Hard Times (2016)- Lee Dillon Stuart
The Tempest (2017)
Daniel Cahill as Macduff
The Tempest
Stephano - The Tempest 2017
Othello - 2016
The Tempest (2017)
The Tempest
Frances Collier's ship
A 1930s Tempest
Greg Powrie & Hannah Howie
The Tempest
Breathtakingly atmospheric - Director Clare Prenton has taken a “back to basics” approach, taking the Scottish play back to its historical roots and delivering something that is forceful, accessible and refreshingly honest – even including a rarely staged Hecate scene.
Macbeth - Stafford Festival Shakespeare - The Stage, 5 Stars

'An outstanding, magical production that scores highly in all departments' 
 The Tempest, Stafford Festival Shakespeare  - The Stage, 5 stars
Clare Prenton’s Pitlochry production – featuring a strikingly fluent, handsome and adaptable pillared set by Becky Minto – has that same quality of quiet craftsmanship, tightly focussed on the telling of a vital tale.' 
Hard Times - by Stephen Jeffreys, Joyce Macmillan, The Scotsman, 4 Stars
 'Clare Prenton's dexterously managed production is an ingenious series of fantasy wish-fulfilment set-pieces involving an assortment of comic-strip style pot-boilers and a dazzling array of quick-fire costume changes.'
Improbable Fiction by Alan Ayckbourn, Pitlochry Festival Theatre.  The Herald, 4 stars. 
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