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Drama down the Mens Shed

I am thrilled to be starting a new participation project which I have designed for my local Mens Shed in the Scottish Borders funded by Inspiring Life - a charity which promotes creativity as an important roll in everyone's mental health toolkit as well as suicide prevention. Workshops begin next week with men (and women) at the shed interested in sharing their stories with me and inspiring me to write a one act play about three people in a mens shed. The play will be performed by professional actors in a rehearsed reading later in the year. The speed at which this men's shed has sprung up, gathered members and is flourishing has been rapid and tells us that men are keen to get out there and make new friends, get creative and share their skills. They have been very welcoming of me so far and I can't wait to get started and have no idea how the conversations will go and what will come out of it to inform the play.

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